Feel The Thrill Of Being A Guitar Hero!

Learn to play the guitar quickly and easily with our flagship online course. It’s called ‘GuitarFire: The 7 Steps To Guitar Mastery’.

What’s In The Course?

60 HD Video Lessons

See the full list of video lessons in this online course here.

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✓  Learn how to play with more musicality

✓  Learn how everything fits together

Why should I try GuitarFire?

✓  It’s Effective

This is a proven framework designed by an expert guitar teacher. It works. You will learn dozens of new techniques that will revolutionize your hand positioning, dexterity & control.

✓  It’s Fast

You will learn quickly & avoid many hours of frustration. You’ll also learn correct left-hand & right-hand technique which ensures you won’t engrain bad habits any more than you already have!

✓  It’s Easy

You will make clear progress within a step-by-step structure. “Do THIS, then THIS, then THIS.” It’s satisfying to have a clear progression that you can follow.


Sounds interesting! Tell me more…

✓  It’s Cheap

GuitarFire gives you everything you need for years of guitar tuition. (Compared to one-to-one lessons with a local guitar teacher GuitarFire is incredible value.)

✓  It’s Simple

See your progress clearly and know exactly what you should do next. Dip in and out at your convenience & learn at times that suit you, on any device.

✓  Relax

You will know that you’re being guided by an expert and can relax and be sure that you’re taking the shortest possible path to guitar mastery.

About your teacher

00. Mike Kennedy Profile Pic (Circle)You can learn more about my background by visiting our ‘about us’ page, but briefly, I’ve been playing and teaching guitar for over 20 years.

For most of my twenties I was the lead singer, guitarist & songwriter in a rock band. I’m the owner of the Chester Guitar Academy & the founder of the UK National Guitar Academy. I’m the author of Guitar Chords For Beginners.

I’ve spent tens of thousands of hours teaching people how to play the guitar and I’ve learnt what gets results quickly. GuitarFire basically contains everything I’ve learnt – all the things that work for guitar learners.

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More cool stuff for you

✓  Use any device you want – Your course is 100% responsive, which means you can use a PC, Mac, smartphone, tablet or TV to access your lessons.

✓  One-off payment – No monthly subscriptions or ongoing fees. Just a one-off payment for lifetime access. Nice and simple.

✓  Total flexibility – You can take your course modules in any order you want, or you can choose to follow a structured programme. It’s up to you.

 It’ll be fun! My teaching style is laid-back, accessible and very clear. You’ll enjoy your lessons!

✓  Be Smart – You can go it alone & try watching random YouTube videos or you can learn from a professional & benefit from over 40,000 hours of guitar teaching experience. Which option makes the most sense? 🙂


Skype_Logo(250px)During the next month I’m offering a free 1-to-1 Skype lesson to everyone who enrols in GuitarFire. There’s no catches. I want to help you and I’d love to get your feedback on this course.

(I’ll diagnose any faults in your technique that are holding you back, so you can know that when you’re playing you’re not engraining any bad habits.)

What’s inside the course?

60 high-quality HD video lessons

You can see a full course index, with more details of every video lesson by clicking here.

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Don’t rely on YouTube for your guitar education!

I own 2 guitar teaching schools and almost all of our new students say the same thing when they come to us:

“I’ve been using youTube to try and learn guitar, but I don’t feel I’m making good progress and I don’t really understand how everything fits together.”

YouTube-logo (SMALL)

I always reply the same way: “There are lots of great guitarists on YouTube, but there aren’t many great guitar teachers, and there’s a big difference between those two things.”

Another big problem with YouTube is the lessons are mostly random and lack an overall structure. You need to learn in a more sequential and structured way than watching ad hoc videos on YouTube. (C’mon dude, you know this is true…!)

GuitarFire will give you real results, your progress will be fast and it’ll be a fun journey. Let’s do it!


Q: What if don’t like GuitarFire?

A: Get in touch within 30 days and I’ll give you a full refund, no questions asked. (You can contact me here.)

Q: Does GuitarFire cover bass guitar?

A: Yes and no. It isn’t a bass-specific course, but over 90% of the GuitarFire lessons apply for bass guitar.

Q: How can I contact you?

A: By clicking here.

Q: My question isn’t listed here!

A: No worries dude, contact me and I’ll do my best to help you.


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