(CGA) Module 2 – Chords: Get Comfy With Chord Technique & Transitions

Chords are at the heart of everything we do on the guitar. Using and understanding chords should be your main focus for the first 3-5 months of learning the guitar.

This module will turbocharge your chord knowledge and ability.


2.1 – Five Basic-But-Essential Chord Fretting Tips

This lesson covers important fretting tips, including finger technique, ‘finger tips vs pads’, thumb placement and guidance about finger nails.

This may sound basic, but this is very important stuff!



2.2 – Understanding The Massive Influence Of Your Wrist

It’s not all about fingers. This lesson highlights the importance of how you use your wrist (and how that can make things easier OR harder for you).

This is the most overlooked aspect of guitar technique. Don’t fall into the trap that most other people do!

Beginner guitarists simply don’t think about their wrist in this way, which is why this is so useful to know.



2.3 – How To Fast-Track Your Progress With Stepping-Stone Chords

In this lesson you will learn an approach that will save you many hours of frustration.

This is one of the core principles of this course. Don’t skip this lesson! ūüôā

You can find a full index of Mike’s stepping-stone chord guides here: https://nationalguitaracademy.com/lessons-category/chords/



2.4 – How To Instantly Sound Better: Harnessing the Power of Root Notes

Did you know that inside every chord there is a ‘secret note’ that is much more important than all the other notes?

This lesson reveals a killer technique for becoming a better guitarist instantly. (Yes, ‘instantly’!)



2.5 – Four Ninja Tips For Changing Chords Quickly & Cleanly

Mike shares 4 slick techniques that will make your chord changes smoother than a puma cheating at backgammon.

Lots of beginner guitarists struggle to ‘stitch everything together’. This lesson will help you create more fluidity in your play.



2.6 – A Pro-Tip For Moving Through Chord Progressions Seamlessly

In this lesson you’ll learn a powerful secret that all advanced guitarists use to breeze through chord progressions.



2.7 – Increase Your Chord Vocabulary With This 1 Simple Trick

In this lesson you’ll learn a strange-but-effective method to grow your chord knowledge; you need chords to have an ‘identity’ in your mind, don’t just learn patterns, learn chords.

Does that sound a bit strange? Learn more in this useful (but slightly strange!) lesson.



2.8 – Grade 1 Essentials – How To Play Major chords: A, C, D, E & G

In this lesson Mike explains how to play the major chords you must know to pass a grade 1 guitar exam:

A major, C major, D major, E major and G major.

(If you’re already comfortable with these chords feel free to skip this lesson.)



2.9 – Grade 1 Essentials – How To Play Minor chords Am, Dm & Em

In this lesson Mike explains how to play the minor chords you must know to pass a grade 1 exam.

A minor, D minor and E minor.

These are basic and important chords.¬†D minor is a chord that many beginner guitarists overlook, so be sure to check it out – it’s an important chord to know!



2.10 – Grade 1 Essentials – How To Play Powerchords G5, A5, B5

In this lesson Mike explains how to play the simplest powerchords.

‘Powerchords’ are also known as ‘fifths’. They are one and the same and the two terms are used interchangeably.

These aren’t too important for acoustic players, but by the beard of Zeus they are important for electric guitar players!!


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