Podcast 4 – Bonus Pack

Hello and thanks for listening to the podcast, we hope you enjoyed it! Here’s the bonus pack:

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Listen To The Episode

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In this episode you will learn:

  • The 7 step system for learning the guitar quickly & easily.
  • 5 must-know capo secrets which will maximise any beginners progress.
  • How to take control of your strumming dynamics and instantly sound like a pro.
  • The power of arpeggios, a lead guitarist’s secret weapon!
  • How to use guitar effects in a creative and musical way. (Learn about distortion, modulation, delay, reverb and loopers!)

Show Segments

0:35 – Lead Lines (The Ultimate Guide To Guitar Effects & How To Use Them Correctly)
12.23 – Quick Chords (Aadd9 & 5 Ways A Capo Makes A Guitarist’s Life Easier)
20:54 – Tips & Advice (A 7 Step Guide To Learning The Guitar)
26:21 – Rhythm Section (Dynamics & Strumming)
30:35 – Theory Tips (Arpeggios)
37:33 – One Last Thing (The Importance Of Gigging, Guitarleles & Experimenting With Different Keys)

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