(CGA) – What Is Guitarfire?

GuitarFire: The 7-Step System For Rapid Guitar Skill

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GuitarFire is an in-depth-online training course that will teach you how to make incredible music that everyone adores and that you’re proud to play.

GuitarFire will teach you how to play the guitar quickly, through a proven framework. Everything I’ve learned about guitar teaching, all the techniques, all the tricks, all the pillars of success, they’re all in here.

You’re Going To Love GuitarFire

In GuitarFire you’ll learn how to play all chords (open and barre chords), play lead, solos, riff & licks, improvise and jam. You’ll learn how to confidently play with other musicians.

Here’s Exactly What You’re Going To Discover In GuitarFire

Module 1 – Setup: Making Things As Easy As Possible By Mastering The Fundamentals

In this module we’ll cover the foundations for your success, this will quickly ensure you have all the tools you need to learn guitar guitar fast and in a way that’s fun. We’ll cover posture, strumming techniques, rhythm, lead and bass guitar, amp tones and guitar anatomy.

✓  An Overview Of The Guitar Journey – In this lesson we give you a bird’s eye view of what the ideal guitar journey looks like. (Don’t worry if you haven’t followed it so far!) We’ll explain what order you should approach things and give you a useful overview. We’ve found over the years that it’s beneficial for students to have an idea of the ‘big picture’ so they can orientate themselves.

✓  How To Choose A Guitar – Learn the 3 criteria to choose a perfect guitar.

✓  What You Need To Know About Your Guitar – In this lesson we cover the essential things you need to know about your guitar.

✓  How To Use A Guitar Amp & Create The Tone You Want – It can be hard to get a good tone from your amp when you first start playing. In this lesson we explain what the different controls of an amp do and how you should use them to create the tone you want.

✓  4 Game-Changing Pieces of Preparation That Instantly Make You Sound Better – Skip any of these 4 things at your peril!

✓  3 ‘Must-Know’ Pieces of Music Theory – In this useful lesson Mike covers 3 essential pieces of music theory: Notes vs chords; the notes of the musical alphabet (including ‘what are sharps and flats?’); and the difference between major and minor chords.

✓  Understanding The Structure of Songs (And Why It Matters For A Guitarist) – What are the different elements of a song and why is this knowledge important for guitarists?

✓  How Are Rhythm, Lead and Bass Guitar Different? – These 3 types of guitar perform very different roles. In this lesson Mike covers the key differences in the styles of play required for each.

✓  How To Read Guitar Chordboxes – In this lesson Mike explains how to read guitar chordboxes.

✓  How To Understand Guitar Tablature (“Guitar Tab”) – In this lesson Mike explains what guitar tab is and how to read it.

✓  The Notes of The Musical Stave – Part 1 – This lesson explains what the notes are on a musical stave. (AKA “Sheet music”.)

✓  The Notes of The Musical Stave – Part 2 – This lesson explains what the different note symbols relate to (whole note, quarter note, half note and eigth note).

✓  The All-Conquering Importance of Posture: 6 Tips For Perfect Technique – This is the most important lesson in this programme. In this lesson Mike reveals the 6 vital components in your posture that MUST be in place for you to succeed. Mike discusses straps, elbow position, thigh height, wrist & forearm placement, leg choice, foot lifting, guitar tilting & pitch.

✓  How To Strum The Guitar & Why You Should Use A Pick (AKA ‘Plectrum’) – In this important lesson Mike covers the basic steps of good strumming. Mike discusses: The ideal pick for a beginner guitarist; Playing with fingers vs a pick; “Thumb plague”; How to strum with a pick and how to correctly hold a pick.


Module 2 – Ninja Chord Technique & Transitions

In this module we’l turbocharge your guitar vocabulary by looking at chords. Open chords, barre chords, the CAGED system, moveable shapes, triads, arpeggios. It’s all here.

✓  5 Basic-But-Essential Chord Fretting Tips – This lesson covers some key fretting tips, including finger technique, ‘finger tips vs pads’, thumb placement and guidance about finger nails.

✓  Understanding The Massive Influence Of Your Wrist – It’s not all about fingers. This lesson highlights the importance of how you use your wrist (and how that can make things easier OR harder for you).

✓  How To Fast-Track Your Progress With Stepping-Stone Chords – In this lesson you will learn an approach that will save you THOUSANDS of frustration. (Really.)

✓  How To Instantly Sound Better: Harnessing the Power of Root Notes – This lesson reveals a killer technique for becoming a better guitarist instantly. (Yes, ‘instantly’!)

✓  4 Ninja Tips For Changing Chords Quickly & Cleanly – Mike shares 4 slick techniques that will make your chord changes smoother than a puma cheating at backgammon.

✓  A Pro-Tip For Moving Through Chord Progressions Seamlessly – In this lesson you’ll learn a powerful secret that all advanced guitarists use.

✓  Increase Your Chord Vocabulary With This 1 Simple Trick – In this lesson you’ll learn a strange-but-effective method to grow your chord knowledge.

✓  GRADE 1 Essentials: How To Play Major chords: A, C, D, E & G – In this lesson Mike explains how to play the major chords you must know to pass a Grade 1 exam.

✓  GRADE 1 Essentials: How To Play Minor chords Am, Dm & Em – In this lesson Mike explains how to play the minor chords you must know to pass a Grade 1 exam.

✓  GRADE 1 Essentials: How To Play Powerchords G5, A5, B5 – In this lesson Mike explains how to play the powerchords (fifths) you must know to pass a Grade 1 exam.


Module 3 – Boost Your Musicality: Improve Your Groove & Bring Everything To Life.

This module is all about The Groove! Lots of students say that this is a turning point for them, the moment when everything comes alive. We cover right and left hand strumming techniques, syncopation, fingerpicking, deadening, basically everything you need to make things more musical.

✓  The Fundamental Difference Between Downstrokes & Upstrokes – Are upstrokes and downstokes the same thing? Just a mirror image of one another? No! The two strokes serve very different purposes and in this lesson you’ll learn how to blend them correctly. If your playing sounds a bit ‘robotic’ or lacks musicality, this lesson is a ‘must-see’.

✓  The 3 Steps To Perfect Strumming Technique For Beginner Guitarists – In this important lesson Mike explains, step-by-step, what good strumming technique looks like and points out common mistakes made by beginner guitarists.

✓  How To Play The Perfect Strumming Pattern For Any Song – In this crucial lesson Mike explains one of his most-loved guitar-learning techniques. You will learn how to play the perfect strumming pattern for any song.

✓  Progress Accelerator: “Keep Strumming & Tidy Up As You Go” – Mike explains how and why you should move through chord progressions even if the chord you’re moving to isn’t ‘ready’. Remember, DON’T STOP STRUMMING (that’s a song-killer). Keep strumming, keep moving forward and tidy up duff chords as you go. (Don’t wait until they are perfectly assembled before you move to them.)

✓  The Most Common Strumming Mistake That Beginner Guitarists Make (Are You Falling Into This Trap Too?) – In this lesson you will learn a common mistake that most beginner guitarists make, yet must be avoided if you are to progress swiftly.

✓  Guitar Essentials – Why You Must Miss Some Strums Out (& How To Do It) – Learn an important truth about rhythm guitar & strumming chords that will instantly make you a better guitarist.

✓  Guitar Essentials – The Importance of Skipping Strings (And How To Do It) – In this lesson you’ll learn why you sometimes need to skip strings while strumming. Mike also shares a a great tip for making this difficult technique easier.

✓  3 Powerful Techniques That Will Help You Stay In Time – Poor timing can be fatal to your guitar-learning goal. If you struggle with timing (or start songs ok but drift out of time – a common issue!) then this lesson is a must.

✓  1 Simple Tip That Instantly Makes Your Guitar-Playing Sound More Musical – In this important lesson Mike shares a powerful tip that can genuinely revolutionise how your guitar playing sounds.


Module 4 – Essential Scales: Letting Loose & Letting Rip

In module 4 we cover the essential scales and music theory that you need to create a major transformation in your lead guitar and fretboard skills. Major scales, minor scales, blues scales and pentatonic scales are covered in detail. Which sets you up perfectly for…

✓  An Introduction To Lead Guitar & Scales – In this lesson Mike will give you an introduction to the most common guitar scales: major, minor and pentatonic.

✓  Understanding Major, Minor & Pentatonic Scales – In this lesson Mike breaks out the trusty whiteboard and shows you how pentatonic scales relate to the major and minor scale. This is must-know knowledge if you want to be able to jam and improvise on-the-fly.

✓  The Minor Pentatonic Scale (The Lead Guitarist’s Best Friend) – This lesson introduces you to the minor pentatonic scale. This is the first scale you should learn and arguably the most useful scale for a lead guitarist to know. This is another super-important lesson!

✓  A Sweet Lead Guitar Run: The ‘Primary Diagonal’ – This lesson is for people who have learnt the standard box 1 minor pentatonic shape and want a little more. (WARNING: This scale will make you look like a guitar hero!!)

✓  How To Play The Full Major Scale (2 Octave version) – In this lesson Mike shows you how to play the major scale across two octaves. This scale is fundamental to understanding guitar theory. Strap in soldier, it’s time to kick forward. Let’s do this!

✓  How To Play The Full Minor Scale (2 Octave version) – In this lesson Mike introduces you to the major scale’s evil (and much cooler) twin: The Minor Scale!!


Module 5 – Next level lead guitar techniques

In this module we look at how to deliver world-class solos, riffs, licks and secondary guitar. We also talk a lot about how to blend lead with chords to create seamless guitar music and how to write and compose effective pieces of lead guitar and solos.

✓  The C Major Scale (1 octave, open position) – This lesson walks you through the C major scale. This is one of the first major scales that beginner guitarists often learn.

✓  The E Minor Pentatonic Scale (2 octaves, open position) – Mike walks you through one of his favourite scales: The E minor pentatonic scale. (This works well over anything in the key of E minor or G major. It will also add a cool blues feel to anything in E major.)

✓  The A Minor Pentatonic Scale (1 octave, open position) – This lesson will show you how to play the A minor pentatonic scale in its most simple form. (This is a scale that often crops up in grade 1 guitar exams.)

✓  The A Natural Minor Scale (open position, 1 octave) – In this lesson Mike explains how to play the A natural minor scale in an open position.

✓  The G Major Pentatonic scale (open position, 2 octaves) – This lesson will show you how to play the G major pentatonic scale in an open position. This is really cool for jamming in the key of G (over chords like G, C, D, Em, Am and Bm).


Module 6 – Revealing the Dark Arts: Welcome to the Secret Bunker!

In this module we share ALL of the tricks of the trade. This is most peoples’ favourite module as it’s just pure ninja guitar tricks! All the flicks and flashy fun stuff is here. Powerchords and pro performance tips, feedback, suspended chords, hammer-ons and TONS of general pro tips that add polish and style to your guitar playing.

✓  Guitar Secrets Revealed: Welcome To The Secret Bunker! – Mike explains what you can expect to find in this section.

✓  How To Bring Things To Life With Hammer-Ons & Pull-Offs – In this lesson you’ll learn what hammer-ons and pull-offs are and Mike will show you some great examples of when and where you should use them.

✓  An Introduction To Blending Lead Guitar With Chords (Including Grace Notes) – Have you ever wanted to drop some riffs or lead in amongst chords? If so, this lesson is a great place to begin.

✓  How To Blend Lead Guitar & Scales Into Chords (Part 2) – This is an important and useful practical lesson for anyone who wants to move beyond basic chord-strumming and start integrating scales and lead guitar into their playing. This lessons also includes some really cool blues tricks.

✓  4 Easy Tips For Playing Blues Guitar – This lesson highlights 4 quick tips to make your guitar playing sound drenched in blues!

✓  9 Ninja Tips For Strumming Like A Pro – This lesson is a whirlwind! It’s jam-packed with high-value tips that will massively improve the musicality of your strumming.

✓  Understanding The Importance of Delivery & Performance – In this lesson Mike explains the importance of how you present music through your personal delivery. Your body language, perceived confidence and how the music appears to affect you are absolutely central to how your audience interpret your ‘ability’. Ignore this lesson at your peril!

✓  Boom! How To Create A Groove With Deadening & Syncopation – In this important lesson Mike explains how to unleash a tidal wave of musicality and rhythm in your guitar playing through deadening and syncopation. We’re in guitar hero country now dudes, let’s do this!

✓  Creating Epic Soundscapes With Suspended Chords – In this lesson Mike explains how to play a cool group of suspended chords using 2 moveable shapes. Perfect for people who want to chill or to create hugely spacious, epic, sweeping soundscapes.

✓  How To Learn The Fretboard Notes At Lightspeed Using ‘Springboards’ – In this lesson you’ll learn how to use ‘springboards’ to quickly navigate around the fretboard and learn which notes are which. This is a pro technique that will save you many hours of frustration!

✓  Let There Be Rock: An Introduction To Powerchords – This lesson will explain what a powerchord is and how to wield it. This is a must-know chord shape for any guitarist, but especially for people interested in rock or who want to jam with other musicians.

✓  4 Roadie Tips: Straps, Harmonics, Pickslides & Feedback – Mike breaks out his Telecaster and gives you the inside track with 4 pro guitar tips.


Module 7 – Using Music Theory & Keys to Sound Jaw-Droppingly Awesome.

This module is ‘music school’, it’s where you learn all the stuff that the best guitarists all know. There’s no filler here. We only include IMPORTANT music theory that genuinely deepens your understanding of the instrument and will make you a guitar hero. We cover chord construction, springboards, how to read chordboxes and tabs, the notes of the musical alphabet, the major and minor patterns, building 7ths and much much more.

✓  Musical Fundamentals: The Pattern Of The Major Scale – The whiteboard is back! It’s time to do some theory guys. This lesson explains the pattern that underpins the major scale.

✓  Musical Fundamentals: The Pattern Of The Minor Scale – This lesson explains the pattern that underpins the minor scale (and how and why it relates to the major scale).

✓  Understanding Major & Minor Chord Construction – In this video you will learn what notes are inside major and minor chords (and why).


Now, as you can see from the depth of the contents of this course…

A Similar Course At A College Would Cost You Thousands Of Dollars

And to hire a world-class guitar teacher is expensive too. Even if you could find one in your area it would probably cost around $100 an hour.

There are around 10 hours of high-quality video lessons inside GuitarFire so those lessons alone would cost you at least $1000. (And by the way that’s excluding almost $1000 of free bonuses).

The good news is that you won’t have to pay $1000 to join this course…

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GuitarFire Comes With A 30 Day Money-Back Guarantee

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Normally $497

Today Only $197 (Or 3 Payments Of $66)

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If you’re not happy with GuitaFire for any reason, just let me know and I’ll refund your payment. All you have to do is send an email to mike@nationalguitaracademy.com and you’ll get all your money back.


Now if you’re still not sure if this is the right course for you, just wait until you hear about all the bonuses you’re going to get absolutely for free when you join GuitarFire today. Honestly, I think it’s worth joining the course for the bonuses alone! Check them out below.

FREE Bonus – Quick & Dirty Jamming Guitar

Jamming Guitar (3D boxshot)300px

This is one of our most popular ever modules because it just tells you what you need to know to start jamming with ZERO waffle.

Playing with other guitarists is a very different thing to playing alone. It can be the best feeling in the world, but it can be SUPER hard to make things sound good when you start.

This free bonus module will get you up and running at lightning speed.

Value: $97

Yours: FREE

FREE Bonus – Guitar Chords For Beginners

Guitar Chords For Beginners (3D book)300px

A free downloadable copy of my book, which includes stepping-stone chords for all the most common chord shapes. This is a must-read for all beginner & intermediate guitarists because it MAKES EVERYTHING EASIER! Learn easy versions of all the most important chords and have a useful reference tool that you come back to again and again in the future.

Value: $29

Yours: FREE

FREE Bonus – The 5 Must-Know Pieces of Essential Guitar Maintenance

GuitarTechBible (3D boxshot)300px

This bonus module will teach you the tricks and techniques used by professional luthiers (people who make guitars!) that they use to keep THEIR guitars sounding sweet. It’s a fun module that all our students love and say they refer back to again and again.

Value: $97

Yours: FREE

FREE Bonus Module – Guitar Effects For Dummies

GuitarEffectsForDummies (box shot)300px

This bonus module explains how to use guitar effects for maximum impact. This is a premium course in its own right. We cover the classic stuff like distortion, chorus, delays etc and also more modern techniques like using looping pedals to create grooves and loops samples.

Value: $197

Yours: FREE

FREE BONUS – Lifetime membership in our private online community

NationalGuitarAcademy(square)I’ve created a special online community only for my students. In this community you can get inspired, share ideas and challenges, talk about your guitar learning journey.

This community is hosted on Facebook, participation there is optional, but if you do decide to participate you’re going to love this community.

Access to this community is worth $30 per month, that’s $360 a year, but if you join today you’re going to get free access to this community.

Value: $360/year ($30/month)

Yours: FREE

One last bonus – FREE lifetime updates!

Please understand this is my flagship course, it generates revenue to support my entire company, so when you join my course today you’re going to get ongoing support and updates that reflect changes in the guitar landscape. New apps, new software… As technology changes GuitarFire will reflect this.

Value: $140/year

Yours: FREE for life


  • Quick & Dirty Jamming Guitar = $97
  • Guitar Tech Bible: 5 Essential Pieces of Guitar Maintenance = $97
  • The Dummy’s Guide To Guitar Effects = $197
  • Guitar Chords For Beginners: Easy Ways To Play EVERY Chord = $29
  • VIP access to the National Guitar Academy community = $360
  • Lifetime license, product support and course updates = $140


FREE when you join GuitarFire today!

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GuitarFire Comes With A 30 Day Money-Back Guarantee

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Normally $497

Today Only $197 (or 3 payments of $66)

click here to get instant access

If you’re not happy with GuitaFire for any reason, just let me know and I’ll refund your payment. All you have to do is send an email to mike@nationalguitaracademy.com and you’ll get all your money back.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the format of the course?

There are 7 modules in the course (and three bonus modules). Each module contains between five and twelve video lectures that you can watch at any time that’s convenient for you. Most lectures are between 10 and 15 minutes long, and they’re all available online.

I’ve always got the guitar in my hands and I’m constantly demonstrating with examples. This is a very visual course, it’s very easy to follow. (You will have NO guesswork!)

And in case you ever get stuck, you can ask any questions under each lecture, and either me or one of my team members will answer them for you.

Do I have to show up at a particular place or a particular time?

No, the entire course happens online, and you can take it from any place where you have an internet connection. All lectures are prerecorded so you can watch them at any time that works for you.

Of course, you can also enjoy all the lectures on your smartphone or tablet.

How much time do I need in order to take this course?

You can spend as much or as little time as you want, and you get lifetime access to all course materials, so there is no reason to complete the course within a certain time period.

You can follow the course at your own pace and always come back to the videos later when you want to revisit the material or work on improving certain aspects of your guitar playing.

What happens after the course ends?

You keep lifetime access to all course content, as well as free lifetime updates.

That means you can always review the material in the future, and you’ll have plenty of time to catch up in case you fall behind.

What if I’m not good with technology?

The majority of GuitarFire students are not good with technology, and even if you feel like you know nothing about technology, you won’t feel left out.

All technical concepts are described in simple terms while avoiding unnecessary jargon, which allows people from all age groups to successfully participate in GuitarFire.

And just in case you get stuck, you can always ask any questions, which will be promptly answered either by me or one of my team members.

Technology should not stand in the way of your creativity! 🙂

What if I’m really terrible on guitar?

You don’t need any previous guitar experience to join GuitarFire. All the lectures start from the very beginning while gradually progressing into advanced topics.

The course is specially designed for beginner-to-intermediate guitarists. There are no prerequisites and anyone can learn to play the guitar.

Even if you think you have no talent or artistic ability, you’ll be able to play the guitar by applying the specific techniques that you’re going to discover in GuitarFire.

What if I’m already an experienced guitarist?

If you’ve been actively studying guitar for several years, you’re probably going to be familiar with some of the ideas and techniques that are discussed in this course.

With that said, I’ve learned over the years that you can always pick up new things from other guitarists. Always. There’s always a lick, riff, springboard, idea or concept that you can take and implement into your own playing.

If you’re worried that you might already know everything I teach, I encourage you to sign up, go through the first few modules, and ask for a refund if you’re not learning new things.

No matter how much experience you already have, there are always more things to learn!

Does it make any difference if I have an acoustic or electric guitar?

It makes no difference at all. Guitar is guitar! Of course, the lessons that cover electric guitar specifically will not be appropriate for acoustic-only players, but I encourage all my students to take an interest in BOTH.

You are not a well rounded guitarist unless you play both. Why only experience half of the joy of guitar? Play acoustically and amplified!

Does GuitarFire cover bass guitar?

Yes and no. It isn’t a bass-specific course, but 90% of the GuitarFire lessons still apply for bass guitar. (Basically, everything that isn’t chord-based.)

What if I don’t have a guitar?

Beg, borrow, steal… Do whatcha have to do to get one! (You can’t learn guitar without playing guitar.)

How does the money back guarantee work?

If you want to request a refund, send an email to mike@nationalguitaracademy.com within 30 days of your purchase and you’ll get 100% of your money back, no questions asked.

Is it safe to pay by credit card online?

We use industry-standard encryption to protect your credit card details throughout the checkout process. Your information is never shared with anyone, and we can’t even see your credit card details ourselves. That’s because we take your online security extremely seriously.

How can I contact you?

You can email me at mike@nationalguitaracademy.com of via our contact page which is here.

Are you on Facebook or Twitter?

You betcha! Our facebook page is here and our twitter page is here.

My question isn’t listed here!

No worries dude, contact me and I’ll do my best to help you.

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Still On The Fence?

No Worries. GuitarFire Comes With A

30 Day Money-Back Guarantee!

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Normally $497

(Plus $900 Worth Of Free Bonuses)

Today Only $197 (or 3 payments of $66)

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If you’re not happy with GuitaFire for any reason, just let me know and I’ll refund your payment. All you have to do is send an email to mike@nationalguitaracademy.com and you’ll get all your money back.

Do you want to learn how to play with more musicality?

Do you want to know how everything ‘fits together’ in the world of guitar?

Why should I try GuitarFire?

✓  It’s Effective

This is a proven framework designed by an expert guitar teacher. It works. You will learn dozens of new techniques that will revolutionize your hand positioning, dexterity & control.

✓  It’s Fast

You will learn quickly & avoid many hours of frustration. You’ll also learn correct left-hand & right-hand technique which ensures you won’t engrain bad habits any more than you already have!

✓  It’s Easy

You will make clear progress within a step-by-step structure. “Do THIS, then THIS, then THIS.” It’s satisfying to have a clear progression that you can follow.

✓  It’s Cheap

GuitarFire gives you everything you need for years of guitar tuition. (Compared to one-to-one lessons with a local guitar teacher GuitarFire is incredible value.)

✓  It’s Simple

See your progress clearly and know exactly what you should do next. Dip in and out at your convenience & learn at times that suit you, on any device.

✓  Relax

You will know that you’re being guided by an expert and can relax and be sure that you’re taking the shortest possible path to guitar mastery.

About your teacher

You can learn more about my background by visiting our ‘about us’ page, but briefly, I’ve been playing and teaching guitar for over 20 years.

For most of my twenties I was the lead singer, guitarist & songwriter in a rock band (The Mags). I’m the owner of the Chester Guitar Academy & the founder of the UK National Guitar Academy. I’m the author of Guitar Chords For Beginners.

I’ve spent tens of thousands of hours teaching people how to play the guitar and I’ve learnt what gets results quickly. GuitarFire basically contains everything I’ve learnt – all the things that work for guitar learners.

More cool stuff for you

✓  Use any device you want – Your course is 100% responsive, which means you can use a PC, Mac, smartphone, tablet or TV to access your lessons.

✓  One-off payment – No monthly subscriptions or ongoing fees. Just a one-off payment for lifetime access. Nice and simple.

✓  Total flexibility – You can take your course modules in any order you want, or you can choose to follow a structured programme. It’s up to you.

✓  It’ll be fun! My teaching style is laid-back, accessible and very clear. You’ll enjoy your lessons!

✓  Be Smart – You can go it alone & try watching random YouTube videos or you can learn from a professional & benefit from over 40,000 hours of guitar teaching experience. Which option makes the most sense? 🙂

What’s inside the course?

60+ high-quality HD video lessons

You can see a full course index, with more details of every video lesson by clicking here.

Don’t rely on YouTube for your guitar education!

I own 2 guitar teaching schools and almost all of our new students say the same thing when they come to us:

“I’ve been using youTube to try and learn guitar, but I don’t feel I’m making good progress and I don’t really understand how everything fits together.”

YouTube-logo (SMALL)

I always reply the same way: “There are lots of great guitarists on YouTube, but there aren’t many great guitar teachers, and there’s a big difference between those two things.”

Another big problem with YouTube is the lessons are mostly random and lack an overall structure. You need to learn in a more sequential and structured way than watching ad hoc videos on YouTube. (C’mon dude, you know this is true…!)

GuitarFire will give you real results, your progress will be fast and it’ll be a fun journey. Let’s do it!

Example Render (high value)MK

GuitarFire Comes With A 30 Day Money-Back Guarantee

money back guarantee 200px

Normally $497

Today Only $197 (or 3 payments of $66)

click here to get instant access

If you’re not happy with GuitaFire for any reason, just let me know and I’ll refund your payment. All you have to do is send an email to mike@nationalguitaracademy.com and you’ll get all your money back.



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