Free Taster Videos – Lead Guitar

The 4 Simple Fundamentals For Playing Amazing Lead Guitar

00:13 – How to get started with lead guitar
02:24 – The 2-step process for playing lead guitar
10:29 – The minor pentatonic scale
14:55 – Lead guitar demonstration and jam
33:24 – How to move a scale around the fretboard
40:36 – How to put all of this into practice

5 Essential Lead Guitar Secrets

01:33 – Using root notes to turbocharge your riffs, licks and solos
06:25 – How to play over major and minor keys with just one scale
14:39 – The ONE simple trick that enhances all your lead guitar phrases
18:53 – How to use the ‘Primary Diagonal’ to run up and down the neck
24:43 – How to use ‘volumes swells’ to create mood & soundscapes

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