A Definitive Beginner’s Guide to Guitar Chords

Looking for a guitar chord chart? Look no further, you’ve found the definitive guide to ALL guitar chords.

In this guide you will find:

  • 60 essential guitar chords that can make you sound amazing.
  • The #1 secret to learning chords quickly.
  • 2 quick and easy tips which will help you read a guitar chord chart.

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To use a guitar chord chart, you must understand chord types

There are 5 main chord types, these are:

  • Major
  • Minor
  • Dominant 7th
  • Minor 7th
  • Major 7th

You can learn easy versions of all these chords here: 14 Easy Guitar Chords For Beginners

The keys we use for a guitar chord chart

In this guide you’ll learn each of the five chord types above, in ALL 12 keys, those keys are:

  • A
  • Bb
  • B
  • C
  • C#
  • D
  • Eb
  • E
  • F
  • F#
  • G
  • G#

Hold on tight, this guide is going to expand your musical horizons and blow your mind! 🙂

The Major Chord

The major chord is the most commonly used chord type in music.

It’s essential that you know how to play a major chord.

Major chords sound happy and vibrant. This chord type can be heard in ALL music, but is very common in pop and country music.

Here’s the major guitar chord chart in ALL 12 keys:

A Major

Guitar Chord Chart

If you don’t understand how to read this image, go to this article: How To Read Guitar Chords: An Essential Guide

Bb Major

Guitar Chord Chart

B Major

Guitar Chord Chart

C Major

Guitar Chord Chart

C# Major

guitar chord chart

D Major

guitar chord chart

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Eb Major


E Major

guitar chord chart

F Major

F Guitar Chord

F# Major


G Major

G Major Chord

G# Major


Ok, next we’re going to dive into some amazing ‘minor’ and ‘minor 7′ chords!

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