Your Guitarist Type is: “Rhythmist”

You are a rare type of guitarist. When you listen to music you can feel it flowing through you and you play guitar for the joy of getting ‘lost in the music’.

  • Your Strengths: Because you have a strong sense of musicality you are very focussed on your strumming and rhythmic ability. This is a big asset for you. (And something you probably take for granted.)
  • Your Weaknesses: The danger for you is you may not learn much about lead guitar and this can make you an unbalanced guitarist. Learn the Minor Pentatonic scale (and when/how to use it!) otherwise you can get stuck in a silo where guitar becomes ALL about rhythm and chords.

Read our popular guide ‘How To Strum A Guitar‘ to ensure your strumming-hand technique is perfect. (This makes everything else easier.)

Recommendation 1

Lead guitar & scales are important, don’t forget about melody! Read our free guide ‘How To Play Lead Guitar‘ to get up to speed fast.

Recommendation 2

You will benefit from having good chord knowledge because this will make you a more articulate guitarist; someone who can create a powerful and convincing mood when they play.

  • Spend time mastering open chords, then move on to E-shaped and A-shaped barre chords. (For many guitarists, this takes years and is all the chords they ever need to know.)
  • If you want to go deeper and truly understand the fretboard you need to explore D, G and C barre chord shapes too. (We call this the ‘CAGED system’ as it spells out the 5 types of moveable chord shapes: C, A, G, E and D.)
  • If you’re a beginner don’t worry about any of this! Just learn some easy stepping stone chords and enjoy playing songs that you love.

When you feel you are hitting a plateau, that’s when it’s time to move to the next level and learn some barre chords. Don’t worry if this takes many years. Learning guitar is a lifelong journey and you should enjoy each moment. There is no rush!

The Chord Roadmap

1) ​Open Chords are for beginners. (Check my guide out: 14 Easy Guitar Chords For Beginners.)
2) Barre Chords are for intermediate players. (Barre chord guide.)
3) CAGED system moveable shapes are for advanced players. (CAGED guide.)

Recommendation 3

  • You would enjoy learning new rhythmic styles. For example, fingerpicking, string-slapping and percussive strumming techniques.
  • You would love the extra variety this brings to your guitar playing. Being able to play new and interesting rhythms is something that would give you a lot of joy.


Remember, learning guitar isn’t a race and ‘talent’ doesn’t matter. Everyone can learn guitar so enjoy each moment of the journey and believe in yourself.

Music is unifying force and a wonderful gift that we can all enjoy! 🙂

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