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Get Yourself A Guitar Pick Holder & Stop Losing Your Picks!

Just about every other week, most of us go to our local music store and get ourselves a handful  of picks for about a quarter each, and then proceed to lose most of them.

Many of us stash our picks in our pockets, purses, wallets and guitar cases. So what happens to them? Where do they go?

  • The answer to your problem lies in finding something centralized to hold all your picks in.
  • Without some type of apparatus to keep our picks in, we’re dooming ourselves to a life of disorganized pick hunting.


Today we’re going to find a solution to this problem by looking at all the things we can use as a guitar pick holder.

It can be as easy as finding something around the house, as satisfying as picking out something especially for the purpose, or as fun as making something yourself.

One way or another, you’ll get a guitar pick holder, and you’ll never suffer from the question of “Where are my guitar picks?” ever again!

Stop losing your guitar picks to the abyss and start taking action – keep reading!


A Guitar Pick Holder For Your Guitar!

What makes the most sense is to have a stash of picks right there on your guitar whenever you need them.

If you can find your guitar, you can find a pick. Sounds easy, right?

Where do we get such an object?

Quite a few enterprising pick and guitar tool manufacturers have completely thought this out for us.

  • With a couple of clicks, our brand new guitar pick holder could be on our doorstep tomorrow.
  • These types of tools will usually stick straight onto your guitar, giving you (arguably) the best access to a spare pick in the midst of a live performance.

Here are a few interesting, or at least very practical concepts we think you ought to look into.


This headstock guitar pick holder is a pretty convenient alternative to storing your pick in between your strings, which we don’t recommend doing.

It attaches to the strings above the headstock and fits on an electric, acoustic, or bass. It holds two picks, in case you drop one mid-song.

The handy Dunlop guitar pick holder can stick on to your guitar wherever you think it will be out of the way.

  • It holds about a half dozen heavier picks, or 10 lighter picks.
  • This handy little unit is spring-loaded, so you can pull the next one out if you’ve broken or dropped the one you’re using, and it has a nice foam-stick backing for attaching to your favorite guitar.

Practical, right?

If you’re as serious as we are about losing picks, here’s a three-pack of stick-on holders that includes 30 picks! These holders can keep 10 picks apiece.

  • For those of you understandably concerned about the aesthetic appeal of a black piece of plastic stuck somewhere on your beautiful guitar, here’s a guitar pick holder made of wood! It’s got a spring loader, and it has adhesive on the back.
  • If you don’t like the idea of any adhesive on your guitar at all, this Guitar Assassin pick holder is an adhesive-free revelation! We’re not sure how they make this guitar pick holder stick without adhesive, but we know it works!
  • Finally, another headstock storage option is this guitar pick holder band that can hold several picks in between the strings on your headstock!


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A Guitar Pick Holder That Doesn’t Attach To Your Guitar

If you aren’t into the idea of having extra things attached to your guitar, there are other options that insure against your losing all of your picks.

A guitar pick holder that is attached to the guitar has to be pretty strategically placed so you don’t wind up bumping into it while you play, having it knock your strings out of tune, or forever falling off while you try to tune or play.

There are a lot of unique options for those of us who don’t want to have another object on our guitars, or don’t want to affix a box or thing onto all of our many, many guitars.

These options have the advantage of being sort of fool-proofed, because if you lose the picks contained within these guitar pick houses, you’ve usually lost something way more important than the picks themselves!


How many picks do you think you’ll lose during one single gig? You can probably stick that many into this Dunlop mic stand guitar pick holder.

  • Buy two, and decorate your bass player’s mic stand with more picks! Besides, they’re not using them anyway!
  • These mic stand holders are practical and extremely easy to use. Simply clasp it to your mic stand and load it up!
  • A mic stand guitar pick holder is specially made for the gigging musician at shows and rehearsals.
  • There are small versions, but the larger ones can hold eight or more picks.


One of the most foolproof guitar pick holder ideas of all time is the keychain fob. Here’s one shaped like a guitar, so you’ll never forget what’s in it!

  • It comes with five guitar picks, like a little guitar pick savings account to get you started on your guitar journey.
  • If you’re like us and you have a ‘daily carry’ of sorts, this is a great way to incorporate your guitar picks into that so you never leave home without (at least) a few picks on hand.


You can also get a guitar strap that doubles as a guitar pick holder. Now that’s convenient! This one holds three picks, and your guitar.

If you really want to put some skin in the guitar pick holder game, you can get a wallet with a guitar pick holder. Now, this one is $55 and holds up to two guitar picks.

Is that a sound investment? It will certainly prevent you from losing those two guitar picks – unless you also want to lose all your cash, cards, ID, and however many years of receipts you’ve been meaning to sort out. See? Foolproof!


A Guitar Pick Holder Attached To You!

If there’s one thing that’s more secure than a guitar pick holder attached to your guitar, it’s one that’s attached to you!

You can wear your guitar picks all day long, secure in the knowledge that in the event of a musical emergency, you will be ready to rock.

  • Guitar pick holder wearables are a relatively new phenomenon and range a lot in price and general appeal, from practical to hip and ornate.
  • You can wear your guitar pick holder on your wrist or around your neck, or even on your belt.

If you’re going to play guitar, you might as well make it look good, right?

Right. Keep reading.


This little guy clips onto your belt, or onto your guitar strap (whichever is more convenient), and holds a handful of guitar picks. You’ll never be without a pick!

Here’s a silicone guitar pick pendant necklace that holds your guitar pick like a charm.

It holds a maximum of two picks, and it looks good!

For the traditionalists, there’s a chain and pendant guitar pick holder.

The pendant design is one of a few different options you can wear around your neck.

Who needs an Apple Watch when you can be wearing this guitar pick holder bracelet and always be ready to tell everybody what time it is? It’s time to jam, that’s what time it is!

Here’s another bracelet design for holding your picks, only in black.

Whatever they make for guitars, they’re always sure to make one in black!


A Guitar Pick Holder As Part Of A Kit

It’s hard to determine which accessories are right for us when we first start out playing guitar.

There are a myriad of different tools at our disposal, and it can be downright overwhelming to try and figure them all out right away.

  • Things like capos, strap locks, string winders and even guitar picks can seem trivial if we don’t know what they do or how to use them.
  • Thankfully more recently, we have the internet for research and education, so learning about these tools is now easier than ever.

Believe it or not, there was a time where we didn’t have technology to help us!

  • Try using this tuning fork to tune your guitar, and you’ll see how hard your ears have to work to get your favourite ax in tune!
  • Yes, people actually used these – and they still do in 2020! Ask your local classical guitar instructor!


Now, through the miracle of modern marketing and innovation, there are kits available that include a guitar pick holder and other things you may be able to identify and/or use right from the start of your guitar career!

  • This capo and guitar pick holder combo is useful! If you keep your capo clipped to your headstock, you’ll never be without a spare pick either.
  • Here’s a whole Christmas present for yourself or your fellow musician: this package comes with picks, guitar pick holder, tuner, decorative pin, and capo, inside a box.
  • On the simpler side, you can get yourself a capo, picks, and pick holder here.

If you are feeling crafty, you can get yourself this little DIY kit that includes pick material, a pick punch, a file to smooth the edges of the picks you create, and a pick holder!


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Other Things You Can Use As A Guitar Pick Holder

There are a variety of things we can use to house our guitar picks.

Virtually anything can be used to hold our picks, if we’re creative enough!

From keychains to wallets and strap clips, we’ve got plenty of options at our disposal to find something practical and stylish.

Take for example, a repurposed Altoids tin!

  • It’s small and portable enough to fit anywhere, and the tin snaps shut so you don’t have to worry about the lid falling off when it shouldn’t be!
  • Guitarists are known for making use of Altoids tins, almost as a sort of inside joke at this point. People have even made guitar pedals out of them!
  • Remember – think practicality!


Items may seem useless at first, but once we start thinking in terms of practical use, everything changes.

For example, think about pencil cases!

Pencil cases aren’t just for pencils. They’re big enough to fit an Altoids container of picks, a string-winder/string cutter, three capos, a pack of strings, a half dozen strap buttons, and a clip-on tuner.

If you don’t have a dedicated pouch in your guitar case, throw a pencil case in your backpack and load it with all of the necessary guitar tools you need.

Pro Tip: If you’re into recording, pencil cases are also great for holding your microphones!

  • Get yourself one with a bit of padding on the inside, or add a bit of foam to take care of your microphones!
  • Don’t forget something to put your picks in!


Take a stroll to your local antique or thrift shop and look for small pouches that can serve as an ideal guitar pick holder.

  • Antique and thrift stores are chock-full of cool knick-knacks that can house your picks.
  • Another great idea is to find a small enclosed bowl that can sit on your desk wherever you practice guitar most often.
  • You can also find some interesting stuff on

Etsy is full of creative minds that are hungry to make interesting and extremely unique products, so take advantage of the online creator community and get something cool made!

Find Something Unique To Put Your Picks In!

Do it quickly, before you forget and wind up going another couple months with guitar picks swimming in the bottom of your dryers or gig bags on their way to oblivion!

A guitar pick holder can be equal parts practical and stylish, so find one that functions how you want it to and looks great to boot!

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