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  • How to enhance your strumming and musicality.
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The guitar world is split up into four parts:

  • Guitar chords.
  • Lead guitar and scales.
  • Rhythmic techniques and strumming.
  • Music theory and musical keys.

We’re going to show you some of the best guitar tutorials on our website.

Let’s get started!

Beginner Guitar Tutorial | Guitar Chords

If you want to become an epic guitarist, you must learn how to play guitar chords.

The very first guitar tutorial you have should be on guitar chords.

Guitar chords form the foundation of ALL music, without them it’s impossible to play any songs.

The fastest way to learn how to play the guitar, is to learn guitar songs.

If you want to learn how to play some easy songs, go here:

The easiest chords you can learn on guitar are ‘stepping-stone chords’.

Stepping stone chords are easier versions of more advanced guitar chords.

Here’s an example:

guitar tutorial

(If you don't understand the above image please read our article "How To Read Guitar Chordboxes In 60 Seconds". It will make everything clear!)

Why should I learn stepping stone chords first?

Stepping stone chords accelerate your guitar progress.

There’s nothing worse than struggling with more advanced guitar chords when you first embark on your guitar journey.

By learning stepping stone chords, you are able to develop your technique and dexterity.

Then, when you’re ready you can ‘graduate’ to more advanced chords.

Don’t worry! You won’t be playing stepping stone chords forever, they are just for the first port of call when you’re a beginner guitarist.

What stepping stone chords should I learn first?

If you’re a beginner guitarist, you should learn to play these chords first:

To learn these chords go here:

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Learn Open Chords

Once you’re comfortable with stepping stone chords, the next step is to try and learn open chords.

If you want to learn how to play open chords, go here: Easy Open Chords

Intermediate Guitar Tutorial | Guitar Chords

If you’re an intermediate guitarist should know how to play the following chords:

  • B major chord.
  • B minor chord.
  • C minor chord.
  • D minor chord.
  • F major chord.
  • F minor chord.
  • G minor chord.

For a guitar tutorial on each of these chords, go here:

Want to learn ALL guitar chords? Go here: Guitar Chord Chart – Learn ALL Chords In ALL Keys

The next step in your guitar chord journey is to learn how to play ‘power chords’

Power chords sit between open chords and barre chords in terms of difficulty.

They’re perfect for developing your technique and dexterity.

Here’s a standard power chord shape, this example is in the key of ‘G’. Therefore it is a G power chord.

guitar tutorial

For more information about power chords, go here:

The best thing about guitar chords is that they are ‘moveable’ shapes.

This means that, once you’ve learned one, you’ve automatically learned 12 other chords too. You just have to know what the root notes are on the low E string.

Here they are:

guitar tutorial

To play this power chord in all 12 keys, just move it to a different fret. For example, if you wanted to play an A power chord, move this shape to the 5th fret.

You must learn what these notes are if you want to play chords in ALL 12 keys.

To learn more about root notes, go here: Guitar Notes Explained: A Guide For Beginners

Learn Barre Chords

Once you’ve learned power chords, it’s vital that you know how to play ‘barre chords’.

Barre chords open up a new world to your guitar playing. Learning barre chords turns you into an intermediate guitarist.

Here’s an example of an F barre chord:

guitar tutorial

To learn more about barre chords, go here:How To Play Barre Chords

For tips and tricks on how to play barre chords, watch this video:

Advanced Guitar Tutorial | Guitar Chords

Once you have a basic understanding of how to play power chords and barre chords.

It’s time to learn some advanced guitar chords. There are hundreds of advanced guitar chords out there, however the main ones you should learn are:

  • Major 7 chords.
  • Minor 7 chords.
  • Dominant 7 chords.

If you can play each of these chords, you will be well on your way to becoming an advanced guitarist.

Here are the chord boxes for each of these advanced guitar chords, these are all in the key of C.

C Major 7

guitar tutorial

C Minor 7

guitar tutorial


guitar tutorial

To learn more about these chords in an epic guitar tutorial, go here: Jazz Guitar: A 5-Step Programme For Rapid Jazz Skill

Beginner Guitar Tutorial | Learn Guitar Scales and Lead

If you want to be the coolest guitarist on the block, learn how to play lead guitar.

Learning lead guitar is a sure fire way of sounding like a rock star.  To learn how to play lead guitar, you must learn how to play guitar scales.

The 3 most popular beginner guitar scales you should learn are:

  • The minor pentatonic.
  • The major penatonic.
  • The blues scale.

Here are the tabs for those scales:

E Minor Pentatonic In Open Position

guitar tutorial

G Major Pentatonic In Open Position

guitar tutorial

E Blues Scale In Open Position

guitar tutorial

A Minor Pentatonic Closed Position

guitar tutorial

C Major Pentatonic Closed Position

guitar tutorial

A Blues Scale Closed Position

guitar tutorial


If you want to learn more about these scales go here:

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Watch this video to learn some cool licks and flicks in E minor pentatonic.

Other types of lead guitar?

Lead guitar isn’t just about learning how to play scales.

It’s all about learn HUGE sounding guitar riffs.

If you want some cool riffs, go here:20 Guitar Tabs For Beginners : 20 Easy Songs That Sound Great

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