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Looking for an online guitar school? You’re in the right place. The National Guitar Academy is the world’s best online guitar school.

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There are hundreds of lessons on this site from world-class guitar teachers. You won’t find any YouTube amateurs here, just top notch lessons that will help you take your guitar playing to the next level.

Why learn guitar online?

It’s easy to learn guitar nowadays. There’s no need for local guitar teachers because you can learn to play guitar from the comfort of your own home.

Here are a few reasons why you could learn at an online guitar school:

  • It’s quick, easy and mostly free.
  • You can learn at your own pace, no pressure from teachers.
  • You can practice wherever and whenever you want.

Learning through an online guitar school is one of the best ways to learn guitar.

This sounds awesome! Where do I start?

If you’re a complete beginner, you’ll need a bit of guidance first.

Luckily for you, we have a TON of free guitar lessons that can get you started on your guitar journey in the perfect way.

Check them out here:

guitar school

The guitar world is split up into 4 parts:

  • Guitar Chords
  • Lead Guitar And Scales
  • Rhythmic Techniques and Strumming
  • Guitar Theory And Musical Keys

To become an epic guitarist, you must know about each of these areas.

Let’s find out how you can learn more about these areas.

Learn Guitar Chords

The first lesson of our online guitar school is…

You must learn guitar chords!

Without guitar chords it’s impossible to learn ANY music on the guitar.

Chords form the foundation of ALL music. They are a must-know for any guitarist and this should be where you begin your guitar journey.

These are the most popular guitar lessons in our online guitar school:

In these lesson you can learn easy ways to play all of the most common chords:

Learn the 12 EASIEST beginner chords with our famous FREE guide

  Stop struggling. Start making music.

  Learn 12 beginner-friendly versions of every chord.

  This is our most popular guide and it will improve your chord ability quickly.

Learning to play songs on the guitar is the FASTEST way to learn.

To learn guitar songs, check out these awesome free lessons:

online guitar school

Online Guitar School | Lead Guitar and Scales

If you want to take your playing to the next level, you must learn how to play lead guitar.

There’s nothing cooler than shredding out on a solo or playing an epic guitar riff.

To learn to play lead guitar, you must learn how to play scales.

Chords form the foundation of songs and scales form the foundation of lead guitar. Scales are essential to know if you want to become a capable lead guitarist.

To learn guitar scales, check out these essential lessons which were carefully created by the Grandmasters of our online guitar school!

Lead guitar isn’t just about playing solos however, it’s also about playing epic riffs and learning techniques which enhance your musicality.

To learn how to enhance your musicality, check out these awesome lessons :

Download our lead guitar cheat-sheet to make things easier

It can be disorientating for guitarists to understand which scales work with which keys.

With this in mind, we created a cheat-sheet; a key and scale-finder that you can use again and again.

Want to learn some epic lead guitar riffs? Watch this video!

Online Guitar School | Rhythmic Techniques And Musicality

Even though chords and scales are vital to know if you want become an epic guitarist, they’re useless if you’ve got no rhythm.

The best way to enhance your rhythm and musicality is to learn how to strum.

Strumming injects musicality into your playing. You’ll be a transformed guitarist once you’ve learned some musical strumming techniques.

Check out these free lessons to learn how to strum:

Once you’ve mastered these essential rhythmic techniques, try and broaden your musical knowledge by learning techniques such as Fingerstyle, Flamenco guitar and Blues.

It’s important that you play as many genres as possible. This broadens your skillset.

And what would you expect from the world’s best online guitar school? Yes, here are some of our best lessons for rhythmic techniques and musicality:

Bonus Lesson…

Ever wanted to create a percussive feel when you play acoustic?

You’re in luck! In this video, Mike shows how to add some personality to your guitar playing.

Online Guitar School | Theory And Musical Keys

It’s not essential to know guitar theory and musical keys if you’re new to guitar.

However, you will eventually have to know some music theory or you will plateau.

You won’t be able to become an advanced guitarist if you don’t understand musical theory.

Most guitarists are afraid of musical theory, but it’s incredibly empowering stuff.

Here are a few lessons and guides, which will help your music theory knowledge:

online guitar school

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