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Guitar tutorials help us learn and improve our skills. We’ve compiled a list of some of our best guitar tutorials to help you level-up your guitar playing. Let’s dive in!


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  • Proper posture & how to hold a pick
  • 8 Scale-based lessons
  • Major and minor chords as well as their intermediate cousins
  • How to find the best guitar tutorials on our website!

Guitar Tutorials Help Us Improve At A Faster Rate Than Learning On Our Own

Everyone needs a push in the right direction every now and again when it comes to their guitar journey. 

When it comes to the Internet however, many pieces of information can be misleading and often downright wrong.

  • Some guitar websites unknowingly teach bad guitar habits, or explain concepts in a way that can be extremely confusing to the beginner guitarist.
  • Confusion takes the fun out of learning guitar and leads to frustration – nobody wants that.

At National Guitar Academy, we’ve spent ages constructing guitar lesson content that is geared toward the beginner guitarist.


We try to keep our explanations straightforward so that you can get the most out of your online guitar tutorials while avoiding confusing and conflicting information.

However, we know you don’t have all the time in the world to cruise our website looking for the best lesson to push you forward to the next stage of your guitar journey.

With that in mind…


We’ve Compiled A Number Of Free Guitar Tutorials For You Right Here

Not only that – We’ve categorized them for you to make the right ones easier to find.

  • From the very beginner fundamentals like how to hold a guitar all the way up to lead guitar technique and music theory.
  • We make a point of creating guitar content that will steer your playing in the right direction and point you down the road of effective practice and progress.

We didn’t just want this to be another list-style article like all the others you see on the internet, so we’ve scattered brief little tidbits of guitar advice into this article with links to other guitar tutorials that will elaborate on those pieces of advice.


The Internet has enough list-style guitar articles as it is, so we figured we’d make this one fun for you.

  • Grab your guitar and some paper as well as a pen and get ready to do some serious learning.
  • Whether you’re just starting out or getting ready to shred up your next venue on tour, we’ve got something for you to push your playing forward.

Let’s dive in!


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Guitar Tutorials – Fundamentals

Sometimes ‘start at the beginning’ just doesn’t cut it. 

  • Thankfully, we’ve broken down ‘the beginning’ pretty well in this guitar tutorials rundown.
  • If you haven’t yet purchased a guitar, click here for some tips on what to look out for.
  • Once you’ve found your ideal ax, start with learning proper posture as well as how the right way to tune the guitar.

These may seem like boring concepts that don’t mean much, but posture and tuning will take you a lot further than you might think.

Your back and ears will thank you further down the line – we promise.


Getting a good start on the guitar can be difficult, so we’ve outlined 5 tips for a great start to your guitar journey here.

  • This lesson outlines the need-to-know fundamentals like the parts of the instrument and the note names.
  • Take the time to learn these concepts early, as they will help you communicate better later on in your musical journey.
  • Don’t forget about learning the different types of guitar notation such as chord charts and TAB – these concepts will carry you far on your guitar journey.

Lastly, our 11-step method for learning guitar will help keep you on the right track with proper instruction on things like how to hold a pick, how to avoid frustration and how to find the perfect guitar teacher.

Pro Tip: Developing proper pick posture is important and will help to keep your playing fluid and smooth. Pay attention to the way you hold your pick!


Guitar Tutorials – Learning Basic Chords

Chords are the foundation for pretty well everything in music. The more chords we know, the bigger our musical vocabulary becomes. 

  • It’s important to focus on chords early on in our guitar journey. Contrary to popular belief, learning more chords will not just help you as a rhythm player, but as a lead guitarist as well.
  • Chords give our ears something to latch onto, and it’s important to learn how to play them well.

Our mini-program for learning guitar chords effectively will help you learn how to articulate your chords with precision and musicality.


Learning the ‘easy versions’ of chords first can help us to break them down easier and understand them quicker.

  • In this free guitar lesson here, we break down the regular and easy versions of 14 popular chords to help you get started.
  • Lastly, if you’re still having trouble playing your chords well, we’ve got a lesson for you on correct hand placement and finger technique for playing chords.

This lesson helps build good habits in your hands, so don’t pass it up!


Guitar Tutorials – Beginner Songs

Developing our library of guitar songs is important, and these guitar tutorials will help you tighten up your chops in no time.

  • Not all songs are difficult to play – in fact some are just two or three chords!
  • This lesson on 5 guitar songs for beginners gets your fingers primed with plenty of chord practice on some famous songs you probably already know.

When you’re done with those, you can hop on over here for another set of guitar songs that will get your fingers moving comfortably through the chords you have learned.


If you want another round of easy guitar songs, this 2-chord songs lesson should do it for you.

Pro Tip: The guitar may come off like a complicated instrument, but some of the best and most memorable songs are quite simple in their structure.

Learning two and three-chord songs helps us to grasp the concept of simplicity in music early on, which helps us to build a better learning foundation.

Many guitar tutorials that you will find online will preach this same concept – Keep it simple.

Complexity can come later – make sure you get the fundamentals down first before you get too crazy.


Guitar Tutorials – Beginner Rhythm

Ah yes, rhythm – the backbone of any piece of music.

Rhythm is a crucial part of music as well as guitar playing, and we’ve got some great guitar tutorials that will help you tighten up your playing.

  • Counting as we play is important, and can help us gain a better sense of timing as we progress.
  • This lesson on how to play in time provides some good instruction on the fundamentals of timing in music, so don’t skip out on this one!

Pro Tip: Learning to tap your foot to keep time early in your guitar journey is a lifesaver further down the line. If there’s one thing you should be practicing regularly, it’s your rhythm and timing. Stay on it!


Guitar Tutorials – Strumming

Another essential part of rhythm for guitarists is strumming.

Strumming is how we convey the vast majority of our rhythm on guitar, and so we’ve got a few guitar tutorials to help keep you on the right track with your strumming.

Your first stop should (obviously) be our lesson on how to strum a guitar. This lesson will break down all the essentials you need to get your pick hand in shape for any campfire or jam session.


Once you’ve gotten a feel for playing in time as well as strumming, you should check out these 5 strumming patterns that will help enhance your sense of rhythm.

Pro Tip: When learning a new song, experiment with the strumming patterns! You don’t have to play the song exactly how you hear it – Instead, you could use that song as an opportunity to see how it sounds when you play it differently.

Don’t be afraid to experiment!

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