Guitar Effects For Dummies


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This is a fun module, you’re going to enjoy this! 🙂

You will learn all about guitar effects and I’ll show you examples of all the most common types. Some are pretty wacky…

Guitar effects are one of the main pleasures of playing amplified guitar (whether that’s acoustic of electric). Effects change the overall tone of your guitar and can be incredibly powerful.

Let’s dive in and learn about this exciting area of guitar music.

10.1 – Guitar Effects Overview

In this introductory lesson you’ll learn what guitar effects are and how they fit into the guitar world.



10.2 – The Most Common Guitar Effect Of All: Distortion

Distortion is called many things: gain, drive, overdrive, boost, fuzz… The list goes on and on.

This is the sound that most people think of when they picture an ‘electric guitar’ in their mind.

It’s important you understand and master this fundamental effect, which is why it has a video all of its own!



10.3 – Chorus, Flanger, Phaser and Tremolo

In this video you’ll hear these four effects in action.

Very broadly, chorus adds warmth and thickness, flanger creating a rotary, swirling sound, phaser creates a pulsing feel and tremolo creates a ‘cutting’ sound that ‘segments’ the audio.



10.4 – Delays and Reverbs

In this lesson you’ll hear two of the coolest effects of all: delays and reverbs.

These effects can make you guitar playing sound galactically huge and spacious. This is so cool! 🙂



10.5 – Octaves, Loopers, Acoustic Simulators, Compression, EQ, Wah-Wah

In this lesson Mike covers some more common effects that can radically alter your guitar tone.



10.6 – Live Tips For Guitar Effects

Get them right and guitar effects can make your performance shine, but get them wrong and you have a recipe for disaster.

In this video you’ll learn some pro tips for using guitar effects in a live setting.



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