Guitar Tech Bible: 5 Essential Tips For Guitar Maintenance

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9.1 – The Most Important Element Of Guitar Maintenance

Is this lesson you’ll learn the number 1 tip to keep your instrument sounding great!

Can you guess what it is?



9.2 – How To Change Strings On An Acoustic Guitar

In this lesson you will see, step-by-step, how to safely change the strings on an acoustic guitar.

This is a must-watch!



9.3 – How To Change Strings On An Electric Guitar

In this short lesson you’ll see the few differences that you need to know for changing electric guitar strings.

Key point: Electricity + Water = Bad Things!!



9.4 РFive General Tips For Ongoing Guitar Maintenance

In this lesson you’ll learn Mike’s 5 best tips for keeping your instrument sounding tip-top.

We’ll cover guitar ‘action’ (how to alter how your guitar plays), how temperature can affect your guitar and discuss storing & transporting your instrument.



9.5 – Guitar Maintenance In A Live Setting

In this lesson you’ll learn some pro tricks for live performance and gigs.

How to stay safe -and sound awesome- when you’re performing in front of other people.



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