Quick & Dirty Jamming Guitar


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8.1 – An Introduction To Jamming

In this lesson we cover:

✓   What is ‘jamming’?

✓   Why is it so different to playing alone? (And why is it so much fun?!?)

✓   The various ‘roles’ and why you need to understand them.

This is basically an introduction to the concept of jamming.



8.2 – Super-Easy Jamming For Beginners

In this lesson Mike explains the easiest way for beginner guitarists to jam together.

This is the simplest starting point of all! 🙂



8.3 – Next-Level Jamming Using Other Chord Voicings

Mike explains the importance of using different chord voicings to complement other guitars.

(Also, you’ll learn about the all-important CAGED system.)

Open the worksheet for this lesson by clicking here.



8.4 – How To Jam With The Minor Pentatonic Scale

This lesson will teach you how to use this cool scale, identify keys and add some lead guitar to your jam session.

Sweet! 🙂

Open the worksheet for this lesson by clicking here.



8.5 – Five Top Tips For Jamming Success

In this lesson Mike shares his five best tips for successful jamming.


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Modules Of Awesomeness!


Start Here! How To Get The Most Out Of These Lessons

1) Setup: Make Things As Easy As Possible

2) Chords: Get Comfy With Chord Technique & Transitions

3) Musicality: Improve Your Groove & Bring Everything To Life

4) Lead Guitar: Learn To Play Heroic Riffs, Licks & Solos

5) Scales: Master The Most Useful Patterns

6) Dark Arts: Revealing The Tricks Of The Trade

7) Theory: Understand Music Theory & Keys

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Quick & Dirty Jamming Guitar

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