Step 3) Musicality: Improve Your Groove & Bring Everything To Life


Sounding truly musical is one of the hardest things to do, but it should be your number one aim.

Thankfully there are some tried and tested techniques that make you sound more musical and rhythmic and that’s what we’re going to look at in this module. Let’s do it!


3.1 – The Fundamental Difference Between Downstrokes & Upstrokes

Are upstrokes and downstokes the same thing? Just a mirror image of one another? No!

The two strokes serve very different purposes and in this lesson you’ll learn how to blend them correctly.

(If your playing sounds a bit ‘robotic’ or lacks musicality, this lesson is a must-see.)



3.2 – The 3 Steps To Perfect Strumming Technique For Beginner Guitarists

In this important lesson Mike explains, step-by-step, what good strumming technique looks like and points out common mistakes made by beginner guitarists.

(Key points here are around wrist movement, forearm placement and correct pick and finger technique.)



3.3 – How To Play The Perfect Strumming Pattern For Any Song

In this crucial lesson Mike explains one of his most-loved guitar-learning techniques.

You will learn how to play the perfect strumming pattern for any song.

This is a useful technique to know. Don’t skip this lesson! 🙂



3.4 – The Big Progress Accelerator: “Keep Strumming & Tidy Up As You Go”

Mike explains how and why you should move through chord progressions even if the chord you’re moving to isn’t ‘ready’.

Remember, DON’T STOP STRUMMING (that’s a song-killer).

Keep strumming, keep moving forward and tidy up botched chords as you go. (Don’t wait until they are perfectly assembled before you move to them.)



3.5 – The Most Common Strumming Mistake That Beginner Guitarists Make (Are You Falling Into This Trap Too?)

In this lesson you will learn a common mistake that most beginner guitarists make, yet must be avoided if you are to progress swiftly.

You are almost definitely doing this. Stop it! 🙂



3.6 – Guitar Essentials – Why You Must Miss Some Strums Out (& How To Do It)

Learn an important truth about rhythm guitar & strumming chords that will instantly make you a better guitarist.



3.7 – Guitar Essentials – The Importance of Skipping Strings (And How To Do It)

In this lesson you’ll learn why you sometimes need to skip strings while strumming.

Mike also shares a a great tip for making this difficult technique easier.



3.8 – Three Powerful Techniques That Will Help You Stay In Time

Poor timing can be fatal to your guitar-learning goal.

If you struggle with timing (or start songs ok but drift out of time – a common issue!) then this lesson is a must.



3.9 – The 1 Simple Tip That Instantly Makes Your Guitar-Playing Sound More Musical

In this important lesson Mike shares a powerful tip that can genuinely revolutionise how your guitar playing sounds: how to create ‘texture’.

This is ninja-style guitar. Don’t miss this!


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