Step 4) Lead Guitar: Learn To Play Heroic Riffs, Licks & Solos


4.1 – An Introduction To Lead Guitar & Scales

In this lesson Mike will give you an introduction to the most common guitar scales: major, minor and pentatonic.

This is the basis of all lead guitar and will give you a great foundation.



4.2 – Understanding Major, Minor & Pentatonic Scales

In this lesson Mike breaks out the trusty whiteboard and shows you how pentatonic scales relate to the major and minor scale.

This is must-know knowledge if you want to be able to jam and improvise on-the-fly.



4.3 – The Minor Pentatonic Scale (The Lead Guitarist’s Best Friend)

This lesson introduces you to the minor pentatonic scale.

This is the first scale you should learn and arguably the most useful and practical scale for a lead guitarist to know.

This is another super-important lesson! 🙂



4.4 – A Sweet Lead Guitar Run: The ‘Primary Diagonal’

This lesson is for people who have learnt the standard box 1 minor pentatonic shape and want a little more.

(WARNING: This scale will make you look like a guitar hero!!)

A minor penta primary diagonal



4.5 – How To Play The Full Major Scale (2 Octave version)

In this lesson Mike shows you how to play the major scale across two octaves.

This scale is central to understanding music theory.

Strap in soldier, it’s time to take a big jump forward. Let’s do this!



4.6 – How To Play The Full Minor Scale (2 Octave version)

In this lesson Mike introduces you to the major scale’s evil (and much cooler) twin: The Minor Scale!!


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