Step 6) Dark Arts: Revealing The Tricks Of The Trade


Ok dude… You’ve got the basics down and now it’s time to show you the ‘magic’ – the fun flicks, tricks and shortcuts that all elite guitarists use.

You’re going to love this module! 🙂


6.1 – Guitar Secrets Revealed: Welcome To The Secret Bunker!

In this first lesson Mike explains what you can expect to find in this section.



6.2 – How To Bring Things To Life With Hammer-Ons & Pull-Offs

In this lesson you’ll learn what hammer-ons and pull-offs are and Mike will show you some great examples of when and where you should use them.

These are two standard techniques that all guitarists use often. You must know this stuff! (It’s pretty easy to do after a little practice and is a cool way to add a little seasoning to a piece of music.)



6.3 – An Introduction To Blending Lead Guitar With Chords (Including Grace Notes) – Part 1

Have you ever wanted to drop some riffs or lead in amongst chords?

If so, this dual lesson is a great place to begin. Part 1 sets the scene, but part 2 is where this comes alive. Let’s dive in!



6.4 – How To Blend Lead Guitar & Scales Into Chords (Part 2)

This is an important and useful practical lesson for anyone who wants to move beyond basic chord-strumming and start integrating scales and lead guitar into their playing.

(This lesson also includes some really cool blues tricks.)



6.5 – 4 Easy Tips For Playing Blues Guitar

This lesson highlights 4 quick tips to make your guitar playing sound drenched in blues.

(If you hate blues or rock music, skip this lesson!)



6.6 – Nine Ninja Tips For Strumming Like A Pro

This lesson is a whirlwind. Seriously!

It’s jam-packed with high-value tips that will massively improve the musicality of your strumming.

This is one the key lessons in this entire course. Don’t miss this lesson! 🙂



6.7 – Understanding The Importance of Delivery & Performance

In this lesson Mike explains the importance of how you present music through your personal delivery.

It might not be something you’ve even thought about before, but your body language, perceived confidence and how the music appears to affect you are absolutely central to how your audience interpret your ‘ability’ (and how much they enjoy your performance).



6.8 – Boom! How To Create A Groove With Deadening & Syncopation

In this important lesson Mike explains how to unleash a tidal wave of musicality and rhythm in your guitar playing through deadening and syncopation.

We’re in guitar hero country now dudes, let’s do it!

Don’t miss this lesson!



6.9 – Creating Epic Soundscapes With Suspended Chords

In this lesson Mike explains how to play a cool group of suspended chords using 2 moveable shapes.

This is perfect for people who want to chill or to create hugely spacious, epic, sweeping soundscapes.



6.10 – How To Learn The Fretboard Notes At Lightspeed Using ‘Springboards’

In this lesson you’ll learn how to use ‘springboards’ to quickly navigate around the fretboard and learn which notes are which.

This is a pro technique that will literally save you hundreds of hours of frustration. (Really.)



6.11 – Let There Be Rock: An Introduction To Powerchords

This lesson will explain what a powerchord is and how to wield it.

This is a must-know chord shape for any guitarist, but especially for people interested in rock (or who want to jam with other musicians).



6.12 – 4 Roadie Tips: Straps, Harmonics, Pickslides & Feedback

Mike breaks out his Telecaster and puts you on the inside track with 4 pro guitar tips.


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