Step 7) Theory: Understand Music Theory & Keys


Most guitarists hate ‘music theory’. They think it’s boring.  I used to hate it and think it was boring too…

But man was I wrong. Understanding just a little music theory will transform your guitar ability.

When you see a ‘guitar hero’ wailing out an amazing solo, it’s because he knows some theory!

I’m only going to include a few lessons here as I don’t know if people will respond to this stuff in a course that’s aimed at beginner guitarists.

And I certainly don’t want to scare you guys off by throwing this stuff at you too early!

So let me be clear:

  • You do NOT need to know any of this as a beginner guitarist. (Please don’t even worry about it for 6-12 months.)
  • But if and when you want to truly understand the instrument you MUST know this stuff. 

If you enjoy these theory lessons and want more stuff like this then let me know here and I’ll upload more for you! 🙂



7.1 – Musical Fundamentals: The Pattern Of The Major Scale

The whiteboard is back! It’s time to do some theory guys. This lesson explains the pattern that underpins the major scale.



7.2 – Musical Fundamentals: The Pattern Of The Minor Scale

This lesson explains the pattern of the minor scale (and how and why it relates to the major scale).



7.3 Understanding Major & Minor Chord Construction

In this video you will learn what notes are inside major and minor chords (and why).


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7) Theory: Understand Music Theory & Keys

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